Interesting Video

A very good friend of mine sent me this message and link to this video. I found it very interesting in many ways that I thought I would share it with any one visiting my blog.

I’m sending this to each of you because you are important. Important in ways that you are not aware of, which is one of the reasons you are important. Not just to me, but because of the effect you will have on others far into the future long after I am gone, and even after you are gone. You all touch other lives.
I apologize, this video is long. But it is worth it. I love Simon Sinek. He is the perfect individual to assume the mantle of Peter Drucker (if you don’t know that name, you should because he has captured some of the greatest insights into leadership). Sinek also has that insight. It is worth the time, and it is worth thinking about.
At the end, Sinek sums up the talk with a great sketch…"