Course Description

This course is an introduction to methods and techniques for solving engineering problems using numerical-analysis computer-application programs, technical computing, and visualization using MATLAB software. The course is structured to allow students to have a thorough hands-on experience with examples and exercises applied to a wide variety of practical engineering problems.

Student Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to
  1. Students will demonstrate how to: Read data from files, save and load variables, calculate statistics and best-fit lines, enter commands create variables, access and modify values in variables, create character variables and use MATLAB to perform mathematical operations on vectors, scalars, and matrices, and compute using MATLAB the numerical value of standard mathematical functions.
  2. Students will apply MATLAB to visualize systems of linear equations and find numerical solutions to simultaneous linear equations and use MATLAB to perform statistical analysis of experimental data to determine the mean, median, standard deviation, and other measures that characterize the nature of data.
  3. Students will demonstrate how to collect MATLAB commands, create and run scripts, use do and while loops to solve engineering problems .

Course Content

The following topics will be covered in lecture
  1. Starting with MATLAB
  2. Creating Arrays
  3. Mathematical Operations with Arrays
  4. Using Script Files and Mapping Data
  5. Two-Dimensional Plots
  6. Programming in MATLAB
  7. User-Defined Functions and Function Files
  8. Polynomials, Curve Fitting, and Interpolation
  9. Applications to Numerical Analysis
  10. Three-Dimensional Plots
  11. Symbolic Math